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Wolf of Wallstreet – Jordan Belfort


A great motivational leader, the world’s best salesman and having a net worth of roughly  100 Million dollars in 2019.

Today’s story we will have a deeper insight into the life of none other than  Jordan Belfort most popularly known as ‘the Wolf of Wallstreet’. He is a former stockbroker  American author and a motivational speaker who is inspiring millions to follow their passion and do something phenomenal. 

Eureka Moment is an initiative to motivate everyone by making them realise that a single Eureka moment in your life can take you to the top.

Jordan from the early days had a typical businessman mindset. From selling ice at a local beach to set up a seafood distribution network he tried everything that can earn him money.

However, his quest to earn more started once he got to know about the stock market. With his previous entrepreneurial experience but no relevant background, he joined L F Rothschild.

He picked up fast and the day he got the license as a broker he became jobless due to the stock market crash.

Jordan didn’t give up his ambitions and started hunting for a new job. He joined a small firm which was into selling penny stocks. Penny stocks are securities that trade at a very low price.

He saw a huge potential in this as well as a great business idea of selling penny stocks to high net worth individuals and companies. 

He quickly pounced over the opportunity and created his own company  ‘Stratton Oakmont’. The company took off very well and Jordan became the talk of the wall street.

Unfortunately, Jordan was unable to handle such unprecedented success and got carried away with fame and flamboyant lifestyle. Due to this, he got caught up in compliance malpractices like dumping stock defrauding investors and also ruined his personal life due to drugs.  

 In 1996  the N.A.S.D  expelled Stratton Oakmont and Belfort served 22 months sentence with a fine of $110 Million.

During this, he shared the cell with Tommy Chong who encouraged him to write a book about his life story. He realised that he has done a lot of crazy things and he could have used his energy and strength in the right way. 

 This was his Eureka moment and he wrote two books ‘Wolf of Wallstreet’  and ‘Catching the Wolf’ both of them were a great success. Even the movie “Wolf of Wallstreet”  was made on his story led by academy award winner Leo-nardo Di Caprio.

While he has admirers around the globe some people criticize him as well. To conclude you can love him or hate him but he is definitely not someone to be ignored. Jordan Belfort  The Wolf of Wallstreet.


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