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The invention of Email – Shiva Ayyadurai


At fourteen years of age, when his friends were busy enjoying their childhood, a boy created history by inventing electronic mail famously known to all of us as Email.

     The legend we are going to learn more about in today’s story is ‘Shiva Ayyadurai’. Born in India, Shiva is a Tamil-American scientist and entrepreneur. In the 1970s, Shiva’s parents decided to shift to America to ensure a high-quality education for their children. By the time Shiva turned 13, he showed great intellectual ability and his school curriculum was way too easy for him.  

Continuing the story,  he joined a unique program in Computer science at New York University. He wrote nearly 50,000 lines of code to design and implement an electronic version of a mail system and called it EMAIL, a term that was never used before. 

     Although, this invention claim was said to be controversial because some ARPANET pioneer argued that email was already actively used in the 1970s but having said that Shiva coined the term Email and gave it a shape which is used in modern-day till today. The incident had a great impact on Shiva and thus was his eureka moment. It gave him the ‘never give up’ attitude. He kept going and now holds four degrees from MIT and he started 7 successful hi-tech companies. He is also stood for US Senate from Massachusetts as an independent candidate. 

Shiva Ayyadurai always repeats the words, know the truth, be the light and find your way.