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The Coolest Man on Earth – William Carrier


Behind every invention, there is a curious mind, who wants to explore more, and that is when a new product is innovated.
Today’s story is about a nominal engineer, whose general observation, lead to the invention of something, which keeps us at ease. Yes, I am talking about, The air conditioners. 
Rising global warming is the reason, why, every household, are having air-conditioners these days. But, it all started by an engineer, named William Carrier, in Angola, New York. 

Carrier? Does the name sound familiar?, Yes, that is the popular, air-conditioner brand, Carrier AC, which was named after him. 
Carrier, was the first person, to think, what if we could reduce the temperature of the room? with an create an artificial cooling atmosphere. Today, because of his research, we have the privilege to beat the heat.
The Story begins, during his tenure, at a publishing house, where he experienced, a warm and bad, the air quality inside, the office premises. He became, quite inquisitive, and wanted to solve this problem, desperately. Being an engineer, he tried many experiments, but it wasn’t satisfactory.

The Eureka Moment, came when he was at the train station, on a foggy day. That’s when, he realised that he could dry the air, bypassing it through water, thus creating fog. This led him, to believe that, air could be manufactured with moisture in it, and he went on developing, the world’s first artificial air cooling machine, by controlling the humidity. This extensive research and development led the foundations of an air conditioning system. It was the ignition, of a revolutionizing invention, which still benefits mankind. 

Exceptional minds, always find something, in their day to day life, and this makes them ‘extraordinary’.