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Storyteller to Entrepreneur – R Sriram


A book lovers biggest fantasy is to sit and read with piles of books surrounding them. But most of the bookstores have books piled up but does not offer flexibility to first sit, read and then buy. Such an idea was made alive by the crossroad bookstore across India.

Crossword is one of the biggest bookstore chains in the country today. Having over several categories, it deals with all the trending as well as off categories of books. But let us look into the origin of such a great initiative? 

R Sriram a young Indian hailing from south India started his career as an assistant in Landmark Bookstore. Later, he got an offer to join Walden Bookstore which became very popular in Hyderabad due to its unique layout. Sriram was very prompt and always believed in giving the best customer service. To personalised the experience, he even remembered and greeted his customers with their names when they visited him again.

The Eureka Moment came when he realised that the traditional layout of bookselling needs to be changed, this layout was similar to a chemist shop. He believed that a customer should be given experience in a store before buying a book. The experience could be in the form of ambience, book placements, flexibility to choose and read, literary activities inside the store etc. 

In 1992, he presented his business plan to investors and got funding to launch his first book store in Mumbai. His idea was well received by the customers and he expanded quickly. His stores were spread across various cities in India. The chain grew within a short period of time and became the largest bookselling store chain in India.  Sriram believed that every opportunity comes with great potential and it takes the right vision to achieve success. 

R Sriram a man who came saw and created the biggest book chain in India.