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STEVEN SPIELBERG – A Billionaire Filmmaker


A strong will is one of the hardest things in the world to break, and this is certainly the case of a man, who has practically willed himself to overwhelming success, against considerable odds.

Today’s story is about Steven Spielberg, whose hard work has reformed things in Hollywood, and earned billions to his name. Born on December 18, 1946, Steven Allan Spielberg was born in Cincinnati Ohio, to Leah and Arnold Spielberg who had a Jewish origin. His mother was a concert pianist and restaurateur, while his father was a computer programmer, involved in electrical engineering. He was a victim of anti-Semitism in high school, and his family moved to different neighborhoods. He was rejected thrice at the University of Southhern Carolina because of his poor grades. Although he was sad about it, he didn’t let it get to him, because he wasn’t interested in academics; his focus was theater, where he aspired to be a filmmaker.

When he finally became a director, he was hired to direct a segment of Night Gallery in 1969; his job was met with criticism. He was described as an inexperienced director, and even when he attempted fancy shooting, he was ordered to do a quick job. His effort was not appreciated, and the young Steven decided to take a break from movie shoots. He faced more frustrations, when he was unsuccessful in an attempt, to raise funds for his low-budget movie.

He made his first home movie at the age of 12 titled, “A train wreck”, that involves his toy Lionel trains. He shot his forty-minute war film, ‘Escape to Nowhere’, at the age of 13, where his classmates were used as cast, and the film went on to win a prize in a statewide competition. He was given the privilege of directing a short-film, 35 mm Amblin, by Universal studio, and the vice-president was largely impressed by his work. He would drop out of school a year later, to work fully for Universal and officially signed. This made him the youngest director ever, to be signed on a long-term contract.

His u-reka moment finally arrived, when Richard Zanuck, and David Brown, decided to work with him in a horror-thriller, ‘Jaw’ movie, which he directed. At first, there were challenges, because Universal wanted to cancel the film, due to longer days of production, and even Spielberg almost lost his life in the Ocean. Surprisingly, the movie garnered massive success, and generated more than 470 million dollars worldwide. It also won three academy awards in Best Original Dramatic Score, Best Sound, and Best Filming Editing.

He is known for science -fiction movies, and would go on to direct and produce successful movies, such as E.T. Extra-Terrestrial that grossed one billion dollars, Best Sound Effects, Best Special Effects, and Best Music in the nine categories of Academy award. He also worked on movies, such as Jurassic Park, Hook, Empire of the Sun, Last Crusade, The Terminal, and many more that have generated billions combined.

Steven Spielberg has created a legacy in the Hollywood industry. His tenacious belief in his dreams has gifted the world many masterpieces, and taught multiple generations of creatives the value of never staying down even, when life kicks you in the guts.


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