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Peter Thiel- Person of Persistence


“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them. Today’s story is about that person, who not only generated opportunities for himself. but also took all possible advantage, of each of it which came in his way. and his victory in doing so can be seen as he was ranked 4th, on the Forbes Midas list of 2014. 

Peter Theil, was born, on October 11, 1967. and is an American entrepreneur and capitalist. Through his life. it can be perceived that he has not wasted a single moment of his life. and courageously followed his dreams. He believed that moving first is a tactic and not a goal. and by following what he spoke, he kept moving towards his goal, without looking back and reached his aspired destination.

His initial life was not less than a roller-coaster ride. He was born in Frankfurt, later moved with his family to the US, as an infant. spent some time in South Africa,  and again returned to the US. 

His career choices, and path were also quite the same. which came to him, with lots of turns and bends in the road, leading to his destination. He studied Philosophy, at Stanford University, graduating with B.A in 1989. After graduation. he worked as a judicial clerk, a securities lawyer. a speechwriter for former, US Secretary of Education, William Bennett. and as a derivatives trader, prior to founding Theil Capital, in 1996. 

He said that. “You should focus relentlessly, on something, you’re good at doing. but before that, you must think hard, about whether it will be valuable in the future or not”;  through his life, we can tell that he did exactly the same.

He kept working hard day and night, to become an investor and an entrepreneur. He also co-founded PayPal, which proved to be, his Eureka Moment. He led it, as CEO and took it to the public. He made his first outside investment, on Facebook, and served as a director. He also co-founded Palantir Technologies, in which he served, as a Chairman. Not only this, an added laurel, to his much-decorated achievements. he also provided early funding, for LinkedIn. He Helped dozens of startups. He has used his life productively, to make it worth living, through his various achievements. But not only he has used his knowledge and capabilities for his growth. but also, for the benefit of those, who deserve it. He started, the Theil Fellowship, which funds young entrepreneurs. and as the also leads the Theil Foundation. which works on  advanced technologies and long-term futuristic projects

His successes cannot be measured. as he is also, the number 1 New York Times bestseller, for Zero to One, 

Notes on Startups, and  How to Build the Future. 

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.” The main reason behind Peter Theil, being what he is today, is deliberately adhering to this mantra. and patiently working hard, without wasting time for unnecessary rest. Through his life story, he proved that all of us have capabilities, all that is needed, is to explore them. and work on enhancing them.