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PARIS HILTON – The Real Life Tragic Story


Those who work even harder despite the right circumstances will stay top and be relevant in whatever they do. Such was the journey of Paris Hilton, who rode on her ancestor fame by seizing the moment and turning it in her favor.

Today’s story is about Paris Hilton, an American media personality, singer, model, actress, and D.J. Paris is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the found of Hilton Hotels. She was born to Richard and Kathy Hilton and is the oldest among four children; her father is a renowned businessman, while the mother is a socialite and former child actress. She was raised in the catholic faith and was raised in a conservative environment. She began to pursue her dreams at a tender age when she and her sister began to attend social functions, fashion shows, charitable events, and A-list parties.

Paris’s dream was threatened due to her rebellious youth life, which made her parent send her to a different boarding school due to emotional trauma. She alleged being abused physically and mentally abused by school staff and would later narrate the horrible experience and former students from one of the schools. She faced abuses such as solitary confinement, restrained, hit, and strangled in her boarding schools. She was later released in 1999 after attending Provo for 11 months. She experienced emotional distress that nearly slowed down her career after a leaked sex tape with her ex-boyfriend.

Dire circumstances are part of nature and can challenge anyone regardless of society’s status; however, determination helps to overcome everything.

Her eureka moment began after she signed with Donald Trump’s agency to pursue her modeling career. She starred in 2000 Vanity Fair spread shot by a famous photographer named David La Chapelle, which launched her into the entertainment industry. She continued building on her momentum by venturing into a screenplay, played a tragic character in a teen thriller Sweetie Pie in 2000, did a cameo appearance in Zoolander, a comedy move in 2001, along with Ben Stiller.

Her popularity increased when she wore a dress made from US$1 million in poker and attending Palms Casino Resort opening after being paid by the prominent businessman George J. Maloof Jr. in 2001. In 2002, she made another crucial breakthrough when she appeared in Vincent Gallo’s “Honey Bunny” video, acted a “strung-out supermodel” in a 5-minute short QIK2JDG, and featured as a socialite in a straight-to-DVD horror movie Nine Lives.

Her international fame finally came in 2004 when she featured alongside her socialite counterpart Nicole Richie in the series “The Simple Life,” a fox series in 2003. However, in a move that was meant to deal a blow to her, a sex tape featuring her and her boyfriend was leaked and recorded 13 million views but even made more famous. She would go on to become popular for her onscreen dumb blonde persona, took on more roles in movies like The Hillz, Raising Helen, Las Vegas episode, George Lopez, The O.C., and Veronica Mars.

Paris has also made her mark in the business world through her lifestyle brand, with her perfume line generating more than US$2 billion in revenue. It earned her the reputation of “Billion Dollar Entrepreneur in 2011 by Variety magazine.


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