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Narayana Murthy- Father of the Indian IT Industry


It is said that “Success is not what you have, but success is what you are.” One such person who proved these words to be true is N.R. Narayana Murthy. Today, almost everyone has heard this name. He is also called as the Father of the Indian IT Industry. 

Narayana Murthy was born in August 1946, at Mysore in the South Indian state of Karnataka. He was brought up in a family that was not very well to do financially. However, since childhood, he had developed a liking for science and technology. He always wanted to pursue his dream from the Indian Institute of Technology or IIT. He chased his dream and cleared the entrance test with flying colours. After completing his degree in Engineering, he started working at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad as the Chief Systems Programmer.

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For a few years, he continued to work at various IT firms. He then decided to start his own company which was called Softronics. Unfortunately, after a year he decided to shut it down as the business had failed. However, Narayana Murthy did not lose hope. He was determined to make his dreams come true and was ready to work for it too. He was then working as the General Manager at Patni Computer systems in Pune. But he never enjoyed working at a job. There was a fire inside him, the desire to create, to innovate something himself. It was at this time that he decided to become an entrepreneur. In 1981, he along with six of his colleagues decided to found the company, “Infosys”. This was the Eureka Moment of Murthy’s life. Due to his innovation, hard work and determination, he was finally reaping the joys of success. They had the capital injection of Rs. 10,000, which was provided by his wife Sudha Murthy. Sudha Murthy is a well known Indian author and a great philanthropist. Infosys became a huge success, within a few years of its establishment. Mr Murthy served as the CEO of Infosys from the year 1981 to 2002. 

Murthy also serves as the independent director on various boards such as HSBC, Unilever, ICICI and NDTV. He is also a part of many advisory boards such as Cornell University and UN Foundation. 

He has also written a few books, such as “A Better India: A Better World” and “A Clear Blue Sky: Stories and Poems on Conflict and Hope.” He has also been presented with many prestigious awards, such as the Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shri. He has gained immense success in his endeavours and rose to the top. He is an inspiration for all those who want to chase their dreams and make it into reality. People all over the world look up to him today. In his words, “Progress is often equal to the difference between mind and mindset.”