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LARRY PAGE – Founder of Google


The world is full of history of man’s activities, and that’s why it never forgets those who brought in innovation for humanity; they are forever in the hall of fame.

Today’s story is about Lawrence Page, popularly called Larry Page, a man who has made the world a place of fun and comfort because of his joint invention of the internet platform “Google,” where billions of people worldwide visit. He was born to the computer-inclined parent, Gloria and Carl Victor Page Sr., on March 26, 1973, who worked at the University of Michigan. He attended Okemos Montessori School (now Montessori Radmoor), he proceeded to East Lansing High School and graduated in 1991. He holds a degree and Masters of Science in computer science at Stanford University; he also has his Ph.D. in computer science at the same University.

While Page and Brin were trying to get investors, they wanted Page to step down as CEO and hire adult supervision that didn’t go well with him after getting prominent companies to invest in. He would later agree because they had no money to fund the company. He also had issues with Google’s head of human resource, Stacey Sullivan, who branded his idea as nuts after a disagreement with hiring managers for engineers. Everyone agreed with Sullivan leaving Page alone on the matter. This would trigger his limitation to a backseat role after Eric Schmidt became the CEO. He was sad for a long time but was determined to make his mark.

Page eureka moment began during his Ph.D. research in conjunction with his future partner, Sergey Brin, and they conducted research nicknamed “BackRub.” With a joint effort, they published a research paper titled “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine,” and it became the most downloaded scientific documents at that time in internet history. They developed an algorithm that they convert to a search engine; along with using HTML programming skills, they set up a simple search page that gained popularity among Stanford users.

With Page and his partner out on a mission to easily make information accessible to the world, they finally launched their platform named “Google,” which instantly became a success with millions of users. By 2000, Google successfully indexes one billion Internet URLs which made it the number one search engine. On July 26, Google executives released a press statement that Google successfully provided access to 560 million full-text indexed web pages and 500 million partially indexed URLs. Larry Page, along with Brin and then CEO Eric Schmidt, took Google to a bigger growth and expansion in 2004 and its initial public offering (IPO).

These feats made him a billionaire at the age of 30 as he was in charge of hiring an executive team and creating a sales force management system. He championed the acquisition of Android in 2005 for $50 million so that Google can be accessed by phone users anywhere. Although he did it without Schmidt’s knowledge, his move would later pay off with T-Mobile launching G1, the first Android software, and in 2010, Android overtook Apple in the market for the first time. Android would go on to become the most famous mobile operating system worldwide. He was announced as Google CEO in 2011 and has gone to widen the service of Google.

Today, he is regarded as an individual who saw the future, and he actualized it Google a force in the internet world. He will forever be remembered in the book of history for his contribution to the tech world.


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