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A story of a girl who was once unable to afford a pair of shoes became an ambassador for the same company


An athlete brings in fame and glory not only to themselves but also to the country. Every citizen feels pride in seeing their flag soar high among others in sports. Hima Das who has been christened India’s golden girl has made India proud. 

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Hima Das, born near Dhing village in the state of Assam and is the youngest child among 5 siblings to parents who are farmers. When she was young, Hima Das wanted to be a footballer and enjoyed playing football with boys. Looking at her speed and agility in football her coach suggested that she should try athletics. 

She took his advice and decided to act which led to her success and thus was her eureka moment. Hima took her teachers advice and began to participate in local races and being the fastest among the contenders she soon escalated to the state level after which she tried for the junior national championship. 

But Hima Das was young and inexperienced and she lost despite making it to the finals. Hima was devastated after this loss and people around her had started to think that her career had ended for good. 

However, her coach Nipon Das persuaded her parents to allow Hima to go to Gohati for her training. Her training was rigorous and extremely difficult. Hima used to wake up at 3 am to catch a bus and travelled 140 kms for her training then returned home in the late hours. 

With the help of a local doctor her coach was able to her find a residential place close to the training ground. Belonging from a poor family, Hima Das was unable to afford running shoes. Her father noticed this and got her a new pair of Adidas shoes from his savings. 

Fast forward to September 2018, Hima das signed a deal with sports giant Adidas. The company said in a statement that Hima Das will now be equipped with the best offerings from Adidas for her racing and training needs. 

A girl who was once unable to afford a pair of shoes became an ambassador for the same company.  For her success she has been given the nickname “Dhing Express” which is based on the name of her hometown Dhing. 

Hima Das has performed exemplary and won 5 gold medals at the international spectrum in 20 days. She had won medals in the Asian Games, World Championships and many other championships around the world. 

She has received the presidential award for athletics and has been appointed as the Assam’s brand ambassador for sports by the Government of Assam. Hima inspired the youth of India to come forward and participate in sports as well as give encouragement to girls to achieve what they want to do. 

Hima Das – The Bullet Train of India


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