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We started Eureka Moment to cover stories of entrepreneurs, innovators, philanthropist, artists and anyone who has an initiative which can make a difference to the world.

The word Eureka means “I found it” and everyone in the world has such moments in their life where they find the meaning of their life and take the way forward to work towards it.

A Eureka Moment is the trigger point in your life which works as a catalyst for you to take a path which subconsciously you are destined towards.

We cover such stories and initiatives on our platform. We want your story to be heard by many so that many like you get inspired from the same and start their initiatives which they were holding back due to certain circumstances.

We would love to know about your initiative and your inspirational story. To help your initiative we will take your exclusive interview in our studio and also publish it on our platform and promote it to audiences across.

This is a social initiative and we do not have any form of fees or commercial involved in this.

If you have a story to tell and would like to showcase your initiative please fill-up the form below and we will take it forward.


Why should i tell my story on Eureka Moment ?

  • Eureka Moment is a platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, philonthrophist and individuals who are making a difference to the world to tell their part of the story.
  • We want you to succeed in your initiative and want to be help you in your journey by a small way we could so we will promote your story through our platform and to our audiences.
  • Your story could do wonders for someone who can get inspired an might start something which could be the next big thing

Why are you doing this ?

Ans. We wanted to do something for the community which can really help them also that should be within our capacity. So we started this initiative. We want to promote individuals who did something different or something which they liked and thus becoming a role model for others who can get inspired by them. We believe that giving something to community will make it a better place in future.

Will you promote my company and products ?

Ans.  We will help reach your story and initiative to audiences, this is a social initiative we do not endorse any product or services or give any biased opinions for the same.

Do you charge fees or consultation ?

Ans. No, there are no fees involved. No team member of Eureka Moment will even ask you for fees.

What will i get post the interview ?

Ans. We will publish your video/audio interview on our channel. We will also promote your story with time. You will have a exclusive page on our website with your details where you can also publish your contact details and your initiative information so that anyone wants to contact you can do it. Also, an article will be written based on your interview.

Do you promise any leads ?

Ans. We are not a marketing agency or a brand company, this is a social initiative and platform to promote your stories and achievements. We promote organically and if that is helping you get some leads we are more than happy to help and connect. We do not have any commercial involved on this or take any charges for it.




Fill the below form to contact us for more information.