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Lamborghini was used for farming


Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in a family of grape farmers. He was very much interested in mechanics, especially in automobile engines.  

During World War 2, he served Air Force, where he mastered mechanical improvisation and fixing of engines. After the war, Ferruccio had a great business idea, he realized there is a great demand for agriculture. He saw that as a market opportunity, and bought surplus military machines, and reconfigured them into tractors. He formed Lamborghini with the bull as the company logo, a reference to his zodiac sign, Taurus. He started off selling one tractor per month and the business took off well, and he became a millionaire. In 1960, he also expanded his business, to manufacture oil-burning heaters, and air conditioning units for buildings.

As a wealthy entrepreneur and car lover, he bought many cars, especially sports cars.

He also owned Ferrari 250 GT, the top car at those times. 

But when it came to racing, his Ferrari, he noticed that it was too much noise, and rough on the road. Another issue, with the car, was that the interior clutch needed often repairing.

The Eureka moment happened when he decided to tell Enzo Ferrari, The founder of Ferrari, about the imperfections he found in the car. Enzo didn’t appreciate it well’, and said he doesn’t need advice from a tractor mechanic. This made Ferruccio, take a decision to start his own luxury sports car company, Automobili Lamborghini. He designed and built the Lamborghini 350 GTV, in only four months. And then, Lamborghini took off, and many Lamborghini models were reviewed better than counterpart Ferrari ones. 

One small incident, made tractor manufacturing Lamborghini to become Lamborghini as we know now, A luxury sports car, which everyone dreams to possess.