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There is no doubt that a world without music will be very boring, and we cannot deny the fact that hip-hop music has resonated with many souls in the universe because of how rap music has redefined its concepts. When talking about inspiration, story-telling and lively rap music, Eminem will forever be a legend that did it his way.

Today’s story is about Marshall Bruce Mathers III popularly known by the stage name Eminem, an American rapper, songwriter, and producer. Marshall was born October 17th, 1972 to Deborah Rae and Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr who were part of a band called Daddy Warbucks. He was raised alone by his mother after his father left them for California because he had other children. As a result of this, Eminem and his mother changed location countless times; this affected him because he could not make friends nor have proper education. He became more of a loner, quitted school after failing 9th grade twice; however, his ability to tell a story through music was a talent he had since childhood.

He never has that beautiful childhood every young child always hope for, he had to deal with being bullied by black youths because he was white. Eminem became sad when his father did not even respond to any of his letters, had issues with his mother, and was rejected several times for record deals because of his race. He was even accused at some point of copying Nas’s style of music, and his first album was a flop.

Those who will climb the ladder of success must face persecution; however, such a person must always keep their head up because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

He began to walk into greatness after losing the 1997 Los Angeles rap Olympics for a $1,500 prize, unknowingly to him; he was noticed by Interscope producers who took his first album “Infinite” to Dr. Dre. Hearing a passionate voice rapping, Dr. Dre tracked him down and gave his first major record deal. He released his official record label album “The Slim Shady LP” which was certified platinum in 1999. His eureka moment finally arrived when his second album Marshall Mathers LP was released in 2000, it won 3 Grammies, became the first rap album to be nominated for “Album of the Year,” and went on to sell more than 8 million copies in the United States.

The album “Marshall Mathers LP” broke the record for the fastest-selling hip-hop album and fastest-selling solo album. More breakthroughs followed with his newly released “The Eminem Show” album which released notable singles such as “without me” and was certified diamond by RIAA. It was the best-selling album in the year 2002. He went on to release more albums like “Encore” which became even more popular because he attacked the then President of the United States, George Bush. It was followed by Curtain Call: The Hits, and he produced 2Pac posthumous album “Tupac Resurrection” and “Loyal to the Game.”

Other successful albums were Relapse, Relapse Refill, Recovery, and many more. His dedication has made him the highest-selling rap artist of all time and has influenced many rappers in the game. However, what makes the industry respect Eminem is the fact that he has never lost any rap battle with his fellow rapper; it has made him a fearsome rapper that no one wants to attack his credibility. Indeed, Eminem is a rap god and will be remembered for his impact.


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