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DHIRUBHAI AMBANI – Founder of Reliance Industries


Reliance Industries. In today’s time, you can’t find anyone who hasn’t heard of this company.  The credit for this company is immense success goes to the business tycoon, Mr Dhirubhai Ambani. He hails from a small village in Gujarat called Chorwad. He was born to a humble family. His father being a school teacher in the village at that time.

Ever since his youth, he was inclined towards success and was very ambitious as described by his friends. In 1948, at the mere age of 16, he left for the port of Aden, the capital of Yemen with his brother. He worked for an oil company there to earn his living.

There is a popular story about him when he was in Yemen. He melted silver bullion and sold it as pure silver. Because he knew that pure silver has more demand and value as compared to silver bullion and earned a lot of money. We can see his exceptional entrepreneurial skills from this story. After a few years, he returned to India and decided to start a textile mill in Naroda, Gujrat named “Vimal”, with a small amount of Rs. 15,000 only.

This was the eureka moment in his life. His drive for success combined with his business, and analytical skills ensured that his venture would prove to be fruitful. Lo and behold! The textile mill was booming with success.

Soon enough, he started expanding into sectors like petrochemicals and information technology, power, energy and many more. He established Reliance Commercial Corporation. The first Reliance office was only 350 sq ft in size.

He never followed the textbook methods of handling and managing a business, thus he had to face controversy, and questions regarding his business strategies all his life. He also had to face the break of a partnership in the business that he had with his brother. It is believed that the partnership was ended due to a difference in their temperaments. However, that did not waver him. He carried on with his work tirelessly facing all obstacles head on. Ambani also established “The Dhirubhai School of Management.”

He went on to become one of the richest men all over the world. He also strategised wisely and took over the stock market and gained success in that too. He with his endeavour of Reliance has contributed greatly towards the build up of the Indian economy. He was also awarded the Padma Vibhushan Award, the second highest civilian honour for his contributions made to the industry as well as the economy.

Dhirubhai Ambhani got married to Kokilaaben and had two sons, Mukesh Ambhani and Anil Ambani. He also has two daughters, Nina and Deepti. In June 2002, he was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai as he suffered from a stroke which put him in a coma. In July, he passed away.

He is an inspiration for all budding entrepreneurs not only in India, but also all over the world. “The country has lost iconic proof, of what an ordinary Indian fired by the spirit of enterprise, and driven by determination can achieve in his own lifetime.” – Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Former Prime Minister of India.


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