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Chanakya- The Great Strategist


“Once you start working on something, don’t be afraid of failure ,and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely, are the happiest.” Today’s story is about an Indian philosopher, teacher, jurist and economist. He is known for his intelligence and clever decisions. A person of unappealing appearance, accentuated by his broken teeth ,and crooked feet, he suffered great humiliation before he became a significant person, in the foundation, expansion and building of the Maurya Empire.

Chanakya, traditionally identified as Kaut ilya, is considered a pioneer in the field of political science and economics in India. Oncem Chanakya was insulted by the Nanda king, for his bold suggestions and also humiliated him for his intelligence and looks. Chanakya felt very insulted, took a vow to destroy him. He started strategizing his plan and meticulously worked on it. 

One day, when Chanakya was passing by a village he saw few boys role playing, where Chandragupta was the King and others were soldiers, judges and prisoners. Chandragupta played the role of a real king which impressed Chanakya and he felt Chandragupta has the factor to defeat the Nanda King. Chankya quickly took Chandragupta under his guidance and started teaching him all the concepts of becoming a King. He also taught him about Nandas and their kingdom.

There was a lot to learn, and there were many setbacks as well. Chandragupta became a great warrior and later King. He was arrested by the great Greek king Alexander. After years of struggle, he was set free from their clutches.

Many strategies were employed by Chanakya to defeat the Nandas. At first, they decided to attack the core of the city. This strategy had faced defeat multiple times. The Eureka Moment came when Chanakya was eating rice from the hot rice plate. He was unable to eat the rice from the centre since it was too hot but when he started eating it from the sides he was able to eat the same despite the hot plate. Chanakya got an idea and started attacking from sides where he destroyed all the surrounding regions one by one. Finally, Nanda King surrendered to him. 

He was a strong believer of the fact that ‘ No one can defeat a powerful mind.’ He is regarded as a greatest thinker and had left a legacy behind him. His book titled ‘Artha shastra’ is greatly praised for its precise and timeless descriptions of power, and highly recommended for reading ,as it promotes the broadening of vision on strategic issues. He conducted an in-depth study of the Indian way of life ,and gave lots of practical and powerful strategies ,as well as meaningful reflections on everyday living.

The life of Chanakya teaches us to work without being afraid of failure, and work with sincerity. He further goes on to say ,“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all by yourself.” This political luminary became a brand of wisdom which is ageless and immutable.