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It started as a discussion at an event where a group of friends thought that we need to do something for the community and the current ecosystem. We want to make a small but long-lasting impact on individuals. A thought struck us to start a platform that will encourage others to grow in their initiatives.

We all go through this and want to become something we aspire but due to societal pressures and risk, we do not take those steps. We feel such individuals do not exist or probably get lost in the clutter. To showcase that everything is possible we started an initiative “Eureka Moment” which highlights such individuals who have tried doing something they felt they should do and are progressing towards it. We believe the definition of success is not about how much one earns in terms of money but how much one earns in terms of happiness. We interview such people and showcase to the world a new dimension of individuals and their initiatives which can motivate them to do something of their own in their own way.

Eureka Moment is a moment in the life of the individual wherein he/she decides to follow its passion and starts the work towards it. It could be a single moment or something that happened in the past. For e.g. looking at waffles while having breakfast gave Bill Bowerman an idea to create Nike shoes with waffle design, similarly an insult by Fenzo Ferrari triggered Ferrucio Lamborghini to start his own sports car company and for the legends like APJ Abdul Kalam after failing the Naval Exams triggered him to do different and become the Missile Man of India. Life is all about those small moments which changes the course of the life and takes us to our destiny.

We have a team of talented professionals from content writers, editors, designers, digital marketers, videographers, video creators and software developers. Eureka Moment team is very proud and happy to be part of such an initiative and would like to keep doing this with your support.

So, if you have a story to share then do write to us on contact@eurekamoment.co we can take it forward from there.


Signing Off,

Eureka Moment Team