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A tale of a Mystic and Yogi – Sadhguru


There are many inspirational speakers in the world today, but out of those, there is one man who has been subtly gripping the world with his mystic powers. He is none other than Jaggi Vasudev known as Sadguru to all of us. 

Sadguru is a multi-faceted man, he is an author, motivational lecturer, humanitarian, and a spiritual master.  He used to live a nomadic life from childhood because of his father’s frequent travels and hence instilled the love for adventure, curiosity and the quest to search the unexplored. 

From a tender age of 11, he entered the world of Yoga from his guru Malladihalli Sri Raghavendra Swamiji. Later on, after growing up, he indulged in businesses like poultry farm and construction. He was quite successful but he always felt something was missing in his life. 

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Sadguru got his eureka moment when he was sitting on a rock at Chamundi Hills in an isolated and cold place. He sat there for hours and got a deep experience of spirituality. He realized the true meaning of life and what he was missing in his life. 

His creative mind and love for the universe finally dawned upon him and he left everything behind and started his journey to reveal the mystical truth. 

After years of the voyage, he started Yoga classes. Slowly, he gained immense popularity across India. He laid down the base for the Isha Foundation, which is a spiritual and non-profit organization. The centre offers yoga programs in India and abroad. Along with that, it works on community and social development projects. For his Project Green Hands, he was honoured with Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar. He has a mesmerizing and a magical charm which let his listeners enjoy his talks for hours and he even answers the most difficult questions with ease. Sadguru, a yogi, mystic and a visionary. 


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