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THE UNDERTAKER- Legends Never Die


The desire to win was what set the Undertaker, apart from every other wrestler, that ever graced the ring. He was a top wrestler, whose journey began from college hoops to pro wrestling.

Today, we’ll be learning the inspiring story of the Mark William Calaway, popularly known by the ring name, ‘Undertaker’, who was born in Houston, Texas, to Betty Catherine Truby,,, and Frank Compton Calaway. He began to pursue his dream as a basketball player through a scholarship, at Angelina College in Lufkin,,,, Texas, and was enrolled in Texas Wesleyan University in Texas. He played the center role for the Rams during the 1985/86 season, and also majored in sports management. Calaway dropped out of the university, to pursue a career in sports, and basketball was his intention. However, he abandoned the basketball ambition, and set his focus on becoming a professional wrestler.

He didn’t have it smooth in the Wrestling industry, he had ishue with his first trainer, Buzz Sawyer, whom he accused of providing minimal education, and lacked dedication towards his career. At the Dallas Sportatorium, he lost his first match in 1987 to Bruiser Brody. To advance his quest as a wrestler, he joined the Continental Wrestling association, that later merged with United States Wrestling Association. He served five years in solitary confinement, for killing two men in a fight.

For many famous people, things did not always go the way they planned.

He began to make waves, when Dutch Mantel re-introduced him, as the master of pain. Upon his introduction, he challenged Jerry Lawler, the world heavyweight champion to a match, that was agreed to by Lawler, after a brawl. On April 1, he defeated Lawler, and won his first professional match. He later changed his name to ‘The Punisher’, and won the WCWA, Texas Heavyweight Championship in 1989, after the forfeiture of the title, by Eric Embry. He would later change his name to the ‘Mean Mark’, where he also challenged and won, Unified World Heavyweight Champion.

The u-reka moment began, when he adopted the name “Undertaker” which was initially, “Kane the Undertaker” in 1990. and later appointed Paul Bearer, as his manager. He defeated Hulk Hogan, for the world heavyweight championship. After the victory, he became an intimidating figure, in the wrestling ring. In 1991 he defeated Jimmy Snuka, at Wrestle Mania VII, with his last win coming in Wrestle Mania XXIX, in 2013. He defeated eighteen men during this streak, that is considered by some as the greatest sports winning streak. They include Shawn Michaels, Tripple H, Kane, A-Train, Big Show and many more.

He had a 30 years career, in the industry making him the longest wrestler ever, and he finally decided to retire in 2020. He is known for sleeping in a coffin, and he is the only wrestler with no song, but a trademark beat. Upon his retirement, many wrestlers paid homage to him, and was duly honored by colleagues, and fans all over the world.

Many have claimed that his character is a trait, that will never be seen again in the WWE, because of his dedication and uniqueness. Today, he is an acknowledged legend with a successful WWE career.


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