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Sylvester Stallone


“I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts” – these words were uttered by none other than the Rocky of the film industry, Sylvester Stallone who grew up with negativity around him. Facing these problems and traumatic past, Sylvester Stallone managed to be an American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and artist.

Stallone cleaned tables, theaters and worked as an extra in films until he hit his remarkable success as an actor, when he performed in a role of a boxer Rocky Balboa, in the blockbuster film Rocky.

He had a broken home and was cursed by his teachers in his childhood, He was bullied by his colleagues. They use to call him a Potato Head. It was difficult for him to manage even a onetime meal even sometimes survive on leftover food. Stallone slept on New York’s bus station, sold his wife’s jewelry but things only got worse for him. The most soul-crushing part of his story was when he had to sell his pet dog. There was no way he could afford to feed his dog. He felt like his innocent dog didn’t deserve the life Stallone was living. He sold his dog for $25 and walked his way back home crying with a deep void in his heart.

Two weeks later, he saw a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. Something sparked in him as he watched this match. This was the eureka moment.

As the matched ended, he picked up few sheets of paper and wrote the script of Rocky leaving every muscle in his body aching. He started to take his script to the studios but he didn’t want to sell it unless he is the one playing the role of the lead character Rocky. But all the studios laughed and mocked him. They said “you look and talk funny”.

Stallone rejected many offers because all he wanted wanted to play the role of Rocky. Rejection grew, but finally, the studio let him star in the movie and paid him $35,000 for the script.

After getting the money, Stallone didn’t even think of buying himself a car or a house – but instead, he bought back his dog for $15,000. This was the point where he actually felt he had achieved something in his life the right way. Sylvester Stallone is the shining armor of the Hollywood film industry because he worked his way through it. He inspires many people to chase their dreams and live their truth . He struggled at different fronts and became one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood. his characters from Rocky and First Blood were very much appreciated. The movie Creed garnered him his first Golden Globe win.

He understood the value of money and hardships and did a lot of charity work along with UNICEF. He wants to build a better world, where nobody suffers!

Stallone and his story is a living example who has inspired many people by keep going even when all the odds were against them. After all, it doesn’t matter how hard you hit – the real strength of character is seen when a person gets hit but keeps moving forward.