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SHAWN CARTER – First Hip Hop Billionaire


The greatest challenge in America is being born, and raised in a Black American community, where it looks like tomorrow isn’t promised. The American dream for a black kid, at that time was a frustrating nightmare. From barely having enough, to feed to becoming a billionaire, Shawn Corey Carter popularly known as Jayz, journey to fame is an intriguing one.

Today, we’ll be learning the fascinating and motivating story of Shawn Carter. Shawn “Jayz” Carter, was born in the streets of New York, where he was raised in Marcy Project by his mother, Alicia Carter. Things became harder when his father, Adnes Reeves, abandoned Jayz, and his three siblings, who barely had enough to feed. To become stable financially, he dropped out of college, and began pursuing his music career alongside his friends.

Despite getting involved in many rap battles, popular labels never offered him any deal, and things became even worse. Jayz hustled his music career, by selling his CD himself in his car, when there was no record label to sign him. At some point, he was forced to start selling cocaine, to raise money for the studio sessions, because things weren’t going as planned.

Most times talent and hard work were not enough to get several important, and famous people the recognition they craved. They also had to be brave, and make difficult decisions.

His u-reka moment began, when he struck a deal with Priority Company, and it led to the success of his first album “Reasonable Doubt.” The album was certified platinum after its release. Being a hardworking fellow, his effort would later earn him a distribution deal with Def Jam, which finally announced his entrance to the Rap or Hip-Hop music genre. He released his second studio album In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 that seriously outsold his first album.

Jayz came back stronger with Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life album which had lots of hits, that were heavily played by radio and television stations. Jayz would later go on to be Def Jam president, and his tenure has been described as the best that produced great artists like Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Nas, and many more. He founded his record label Roc-Nation which has produced great artists like J.Cole, Jay Electronica, and many more. He released more albums like The Black Album, Kingdom Come, American Gangster, The Blueprint III, Watch the throne with Kanye West, 4.44, and many more which has performed well commercially.

He was the first to usher in an innovation to album sales, when he sold one million copies, of his Magna Carta Holy Grail album, to Samsung for distribution. He is the rapper with the highest Grammy awards till date with a record 22. He holds the most number-one solo artist record, on the Billboard album charts. He founded Rocawears, 40/40 Club, he co-owned, the Brooklyn Nets NBA team, and his groundbreaking Tidal streaming service, is one of the most used by Artists in the United States. He broke the record of being the first hip-hop billionaire, which has always been his dream.

Today, Jayz has not only made his mark in music, he has established himself in the business line, that has earned him fortunes. Today, he has established himself as a legend in the music industry, whose mark will be felt for a long time.


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