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SHAHRUKH KHAN – King Of Bollywood


Patience is a virtue, if you can exhibit one, you’ll reap the benefits one day. The touching story of Shahrukh Khan perseverance has helped him, become an influential figure in India and the Bollywood Industry.

The topic of our discussion today is Shahrukh Khan. He was born on November 2nd, 1965 to Muslim parents Fatima Lateef, and Meer Taj Mohammad Khan, who was an activist for India independence. His father was a follower of Abdul Ghaffar Khan, and joined him to campaign for a united India. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Hansraj College; however, he was focused on Delhi Theatre Action Group, under the tutelage of director Barry John. He began to pursue his master’s degree program in mass communication, but would later sacrifice it for his acting career.

His parents were so poor, that they had no money, to send him to theaters to watch movies. But he had a vision. The most painful aspect of his life was losing his father, who died of cancer at the age of 15, and his dream of being a sportsman cut short, due to the shoulder injury he suffered. Despite working so hard to get into the movie industry, Shahrukh suffered many failures at the beginning of his career. He once suffered depression and that was his major challenge in life. There was a point where he had to close his company SRK world.com, because of much-accumulated financial losses; nevertheless, he didn’t give up.

Delays are an essential part of the lives of many successful people, and have helped shape their lives in several ways.

With the aid of theatre and television, he successfully entered into the film industry. He got his first act in television serials titled Fauji, where he played the role of a commando in 1988, and then Circus in 1989. This announced his entry into Bollywood, and earned him recognition from movie critics.

His u-reka moment finally came in 1992 in the movie the-iwana, meaning “Crazy”, and that became the decisive aspect of his acting career. Although Khan’s acting career’s turning point has been attributed, to his antihero act in Baazigar, and Darr, in 1993. he rejected both of his anti-villain version. He has helped produce blockbuster movies, the-ill waaley dulhania ley jayengay, Karan Arjun, the-ill to paagal hai, Kuch kuch hoata hai, Deavthe-aas, Kal ho naa ho, Veer-Zaara, Chakk dey India.

His international reputation worldwide increased, after his role in the movie “My name is Khan”, in the year 2010. His famous quote in the movie, “my name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist”, became popular with his movie lovers including in Africa. He also achieved breakthrough success in comedy roles in movies, such as Happy New Year in 2014, an intriguing action comedy that was centered on a dance competition, and the crime drama ‘Raees’ in 2017, where he played the role of bootlegger.

SRK, as he is usually called by his fans has won many awards, that have established his name in the Bollywood industry. In 2005, he was presented with one of the highest Indian villain awards, known as the Padma Shri. He has received over 14 Filmfare awards, and has even been grossed the highest Bollywood actor in history.


  1. [151] [152] He performed a special appearance in the 2009 film Billu , playing Bollywood superstar Sahir Khan—a fictionalised version of himself, wherein he performed musical item numbers with actresses Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, and Deepika Padukone. [153] As head of the film’s production company, Red Chillies, Khan made the call to change the title of the film from Billu Barber to Billu after hairdressers across the country complained that the word “barber” was derogatory. The company covered up the offending word on billboards that had already been installed with the original title.


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