Satya Nadella


“You are defined not just by your capabilities, but by the choices you make”

Mr Satya Narayana Nadella was born in August 1967 in Hyderabad, India. He was born in an ordinary, middle-class family to a teacher and an IAS officer. He completed his education from a public school and then went on to pursue his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. He then pursued his master’s degree in the United States of America in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1990. He also pursued his Master’s in Business Administration later on. However, as a child, Satya always wanted to a sportsman- a cricketer, to be precise. 

He secured a job with Sun Microsystems. This is where his journey began. He then worked hard and then started working with Microsoft in the year 1992, when Bill Gates was still the CEO.

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Nadella pursued his passion for technology when he was at Microsoft. He proved his competence in the field and worked his way up. In 2014, he was handed over the reins of the tech giant, succeeding Steve Ballmer. This was a very proud moment in his career and life as well. It was at this time he revolutionised the Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform. He made a controversial decision when he allowed Linux to operate on this platform. Under Nadella, Microsoft also released “Microsoft Office” which proved to be a great success. This was a Eureka Moment for Mr Satya Nadella, as well as Microsoft. This venture proved to be very beneficial and profitable to the company. The Office 365 Suite was also released during this time. Nadella also brought back the founder as a Technical Advisor for the company. Microsoft also acquired Nokia Corp and 2.5 billion-dollar video game company Mojang. 

Under Satya’s leadership, Microsoft became the 8th largest company in the world by market capitalisation in January 2014. Microsoft also became the 2nd most valuable company soon after. This was a huge success for the company. In 2015, Microsoft had earned around 76 billion dollars from the foreign market. 

Satya Nadella has also been known for his contributions to the “ Digital India” venture by the Government of India. Microsoft promised to take and increase the spread of technology and technical literacy in more than 5 lakh villages in India. 

The successes and contributions of Mr Nadella today are reiterated everywhere in the world. He is looked up to by millions, all over the world. He is an icon of inspiration to all those who have ideas, his story motivates us to consistently work and climb the ladder of success, step by step. His story also tells us to believe in ourselves, no matter what happens because, in the end, it will pay off. All the hard work, blood, sweat and tears become worth it when you succeed.