Marie Curie, The Wonder Woman

Marie Curie was born in Warsaw on November 7, 1867. She was the daughter of a secondary school teacher, and although she received only a general education in local schools and some scientific training from her father, she volunteered to help other girls by getting involved in a Students’ Revolutionary Organization. Watch her story and Eureka Moment.

Lee Byung – Chul: Magnetism of the technological world

Born in February 1910 Byung-Chul was the son of a wealthy landowning family in Korea. In 1938 he had established a trucking business and then moved to nearby Daegu city and founded the Samsung group as a trading company at a grocery store. Samsung started as a small trading company with forty employees. Be great strong and everlasting was the motto of Samsung meaning 3 stars, Number 3 in Korean ‘Sam’ is a popular number which means the grand and mighty and star pronounced sung means ‘eternally shining’.

Chanakya- The Great Strategist

“Once you start working on something, don’t be afraid of failure ,and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely, are the happiest.” Today’s story is about an Indian philosopher, teacher, jurist and economist. He is known for his intelligence and clever decisions. A person of unappealing appearance, accentuated by his broken teeth ,and crooked feet, he suffered great humiliation before he became a significant person, in the foundation, expansion and building of the Maurya Empire.

Ekta Kapoor: The Empress of Indian Television

"Expect the unexpected from me!" Quoted by Ekta Kapoor. Ekta Ravi Kapoor, the czar of Indian television industry was born on 7th of June 1975 to the legendary Bollywood actor Jeetendra aka Ravi Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. Her younger brother, Tusshar Kapoor is also a Bollywood actor. This is her story.

Strictly Ballroom- Conrad Coelho

“Dance is an art, paint your dream and follow it.” One such person who has beautifully illustrated his dream into his life is Mr Conrad Coelho. Mr Conrad Coelho is a professional dancer who has established his own dance school- The Conrad Coelho Dance Company. Eureka Moment is delighted to bring to you his story.

Walt Disney- The Paperboy of Animation

Disney, abode our childhood of innocent smiles. As a child,we all have beguiled ourselves into the world of princesses, fairy godmothers,talking trees, rabbits and dogs. And the mastermind we need to thank for this beautiful imaginary yet lavishing world is Sir Walter Elias Disney.

Azim Premji- The Czar of the Indian IT Industry

Ever wondered why and how Wipro Limited, became one of the most successful IT companies in the world and how it came into existence. Let me tell you a fairy tale that transformed a Vegetable oil manufacturer into a billionaire. In the year 1945, when India was on its way to get her Independence. Somewhere in Mumbai, Azim Premji was born to M.H Premji on 24th July. Muhammed Hashim Premji was a noted businessman and was popularly known among the folks as the Rice King of Burma.

A single man who saved over 2.4 million unborn babies – James Harrison

James Christopher Harrison born on 27 December 1936 hailing from Australia. He holds the record for making the most blood donations. On the surface, James Harrison appears to be just an average guy but once shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It’s what under the surface that makes him unique. He has a very rare blood type known as Rh Null which has been termed by scientists as the Golden blood type. His blood contains a high level of anti-D antibodies which are given in cases where an Rh (D) negative mother carries an Rh (D) positive baby. This results in Rhesus Disease, a condition where a pregnant woman’s body makes antibodies to destroy the baby’s blood cells. This could result in brain damage or death of the child.

Dr Aniruddha Malpani – Nurturing Embryos and Entrepreneurs

A Genius, Investor, Influencer and Philanthropist are few attributes that go with his personality. He is a doctor by profession, angel investor as a businessman and influencer by a hobby. He is very active in the startup ecosystem and always sharing his experience and knowledge with many entrepreneurs through social media. Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, founder of Malpani Fertility Clinic and Malpani Ventures who will be sharing with us lots of insights about his initiatives and his eureka moment

Intellectual Property 101 – Roshni Lachhwani

Learn about Intellectual Property. Roshni Lachhwani is a talented young lawyer who after completing her LLM started a law firm Intellexsys which is specialised in dealing with Intellectual Property. She will be discussing how important is Intellectual Property and what needs to be done to protect it. The video will help entrepreneurs to understand IP and the need for an IP for their company.

A story of a girl who was once unable to afford a pair of shoes became an ambassador for the same company

Hima Das, born near Dhing village in the state of Assam and is the youngest child among 5 siblings to parents who are farmers. Belonging from a poor family, A girl who was once unable to afford a pair of shoes became an ambassador for the same company. For her success she has been given the nickname “Dhing Express” which is based on the name of her hometown Dhing.

Home Away from Home: Belong Anywhere – Brian Chesky

Whether it's a nice vacation in Europe or a weekend getaway in LA, Airbnb often comes as a viable option for everyone. A unicorn in the space of hospitality is a brilliant work of Brian Chesky and his co-founders of Airbnb. Brian Chesky – the man provided a home away from home.

How to teach your parents – Trupti Natekar

Trupti Natekar initiative Path Finders is about educating Parents and empowering them to speak to their children on topics which normally uncomfortable for parents but atmost important. Trupti is a professional Behavourial Counsellor and has been running this initiative from last 2 years and helped many parents who needed guidance. She will be talking about her initiative and her eureka moment today.

Building the future in the night – Nikita Ketkar

Nikita worked in different capacities as a Journalist, Lecturer and Social Worker before qualifying for the prestigious Union public Services commission. After spending over 3 years in various administrative positions in DRDO, Air headquarters and NCC directorate, Nikita felt the urge to do something beyond and left the service to work for various NGOs. She spent some time at Save the children India and Sahas Sports foundation. It was while working on a social project she came across night schools accidentally. What she saw and heard compelled her to start Masoom in 2008 an organization focused on improving the night schools.

You Know Zara but do you know the man who built it? – The story of a true gentleman – Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega the owner and founder of Zara who has kept low media profile but is the among top 5 richest people on earth. The company spread to United States of America, Europe and other nations. The Spain-based company has hired more than 92,000 employees, operates more than 7,000 stores and reported earnings of 20.9 billion euros, or $22.7 billion, in January 2016.

How to become Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional – Saineshwar Bageri

Saineshwar Bageri, who is an evangelist, tech blogger and an technologist. He has contributed 200+ articles on various upcoming technologies and 32 github projects. He has been awarded as microsoft most valuable professional which is given to very few notable contributors around the world.

The decision that made Bill Gates the richest man in the world

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft who has changed the way we use software technology. A constant source of motivation to many entrepreneurs and technologists for Bill Gates has received a lot of awards for his innovation and business leadership. Check out his story and his eureka moment.

A hobby to a profession – Purvi Jhaveri

Purvi Jhaveri, a travel enthusiast who was bit by the travel bug as a teenager and traveled all across India & trekked the Himalayan region including Nepal. Her wanderlust was so strong that soon after she embarked on another journey of travel planning for friends and family which lead to her initiative, Ways2Wander, a travel company that provides tailor-made holidays and experiences that are one-of-a-kind and unforgettable.

Aryabhatta – A Man beyond his years

Born in 476 AD and died in 550 AD Aryabhatta made contributions to the Gupta age which is considered to be golden age of mathematics and ancient Indian learning. The capital of this kingdom of Magahda (modern Bihar) Patliputra, was a great center of learning, the famous university of Nalinda was situated here and it is widely speculated that Aryabhatta might have been head of the astronomical observatory. He was only about 23 - 24 years old when he composed his most distinguished work known the Aryabhatiya.

Decorating Homes Online – Abhijeet Deshmukh

Abhijeet Deshmukh is a startup evangelist. He is a serial entrepreneur, starting from Monday Mantras (A weekly newsletter) ZoomStart India(a coworking space) Startup Navi Mumbai (Initiative) and now started Dezine Box with his co-founder Shweta Deshmukh.

Overcame the most difficult situations – Oprah Winfrey

One of the most influential person in the world Oprah Winfrey. We will have a deeper look into the life of Oprah to find out the twists and turns which led her from wearing dresses made up of potato sacks to have a net worth of $2 Billion today.

Kathak with Science – Sunil Sunkara

Sunil Sunkara is a Scientist, Chemical Engineer, Founder and Volunteer to many cultural initiatives and most importantly a Professional Kathak Dancer. He has performed in various shows across India and abroad and been an active promoter of Indian art across the world.

Missile Man of India – Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, (15 October 1931 – 27 July 2015) was an aerospace scientist who served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. He was born and raised in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu and studied physics and aerospace engineering. He spent the next four decades as a scientist and science administrator, mainly at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and was intimately involved in India's civilian space programme and military missile development efforts.

The invention of Email – Shiva Ayyadurai

An email has been an important part of communication for the last few decades. Having an email address is like having an online identity. The man behind this innovation was a 14 yr old boy from India who made it available for everyone. Today's story is about Shiva Ayyudarai the man who invented Email.

Biking by heart – Shilpa Balakrishnan – India’s first female solo rider to travel across India

Shilpa Balakrishnan who hails from Mumbai, A motorcyclist who loves to travel around the world promoting India's tourism in the best possible way. She started riding in 2004 and merged it with her love for travel and search for adventure. Having traveled around the country in bits and parts, She decided to see *her* country in one single tour. She built on *her* endurance and successfully completed the Iron Butt Association's Saddle Sore Challenge in which she rode *1643* kms in 24 hours.

Wolf of Wallstreet – Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort, most popularly known as ‘the Wolf of Wallstreet’. He is a former stockbroker, author and a motivational speaker who is inspiring millions to follow their passion and do something phenomenal. Jordan is an immensely talented Sales Guru and has been conducting various programs across the globe.

Getting the right portfolio for your investments – Abhishek Mehta

Abhishek Mehta has completed CA, CFA and CS and had previous experience in Deloitte and Anand Rathi. He along with his friends Krishna and Madhavi, he started a company for Wealth management and Tax Advisory Services. Normally, these services are provided to the higher income group segment or HNI but Abhishek is disrupting the market by providing it to the middle income group.

What it means to achieve Financial Independence – Kalpana Morparia – CEO J P Morgan

Most Powerful Business Women who is the CEO of JP Morgan India and director of dr. reddy's lab Today's story is about Kalpana Morparia. The story which shows how dedication and hardwork can take a person to the top. Kalpana Morparia is not just an inspiration to the world but also an example of how determination and devotion can help one fight against all the problems.

Passion for Innovation – Pratik Jani

Pratik is the CEO of Yups Tech Solutions and Zerek Technologies. Yups is a technology-driven company, having its core in designing and manufacturing IoT products for enterprises. Our products seamlessly integrate with industrial automation and process control. We aim at connecting assets of enterprises and decision makers using our sensing, computing and analytics technologies. This gives them immediate access to data from assets; faster time to market and drive operational and business excellence.

Storyteller to Entrepreneur – R Sriram

A story of an entrepreneur who understood the pain a book lover goes through and made it an opportunity to launch the biggest bookstore chain across India. A visionary and true gentleman, today's story is about R Sriram who has made a traditional bookstore into a compelling experience.

Connecting 1.23 Billion Minds – Sandeep Khuperkar

Today we welcome Sandeep Khuperkar. Sandeep is the CTO and Director at Ashnik. He is active in open source technology for over 14+ years. Has a proven track record of building technology business across India and South East Asia. He is on the advisory board of Engineering Colleges. He is selected as Mentor Of Change for Atal Innovation Mission by NITI Aayog, an initiative by Govt. Of India.

A tale of a Mystic and Yogi – Sadhguru

Today's story is about Jaggi Vasudev , often referred to as Sadhguru. Sadhguru is an Yogi, Mystic and Author. He founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offers Yoga programs around the world and is involved in social outreach, education and environmental initiatives. Sadhguru is immensely popular in india and other parts of the world for his spiritual talks and discussions. Checkout the Eureka Moment of Sadhguru and his story towards spirituality.

A doctor who can speak to animals – Dr Dolittle of India – Dr Dinesh Vinherkar

Dr. Dinesh is the Dr. Dolittle of India. He is a Veterinarian and marine specialist. He has been part and driver of multiple initiatives to conserve wild and marine life in many places in India and saved many many lives of sea turtles, reptiles, vet rescue india birds and domestic animals. His ability to understand animals and treat them is impeccable. He has started an initiative WCAWA in collaboration with Dahanu Forest Department. You can get more details about his initiative below and also if you like to contribute for the same.

Story of the first female doctor in India – Anandi Joshi

Anandi Joshi was the First Female Doctor of India. Despite many odds at that era, she fought through it and became a doctor. Her story was not just inspiring to the women across the country but also encouraged women to go out of the country for higher studies and making a successful career. Truly, a real Tigress of Indian Medicine.

What makes a good Drummer – Chirag Vachha

Today we are covering Chirag Vachha, Chirag is an extremely talented musician and has his own band named "The Big IF". Chirag has learnt drums under the tutelage of Gino banks, Jai Row Kavi and Vinayak Pol. He enjoys listening to various genres and is a big fan of power drumming Few keywords are upcoming drummer, upcoming band from Mumbai, painful story behind rock bands, goths India, Indian drummers proud, Bombay rock band, youngest drummer in India.

Lamborghini was used for farming

A story of Farmer who became a tractor manufacturer and then a supercar manufacturer. Lamborghini Cars Were A Result Of A Tractor Company Owner Being Insulted by the Founder of Ferrari. ... He decided to get into making cars as a result of frustrations he had with a Ferrari he had purchased which ultimately resulted in him being insulted by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the famed Ferrari brand car company.

Archimedes – The father of mathematics

Eureka (heúrēka) meaning "I found it" has a very interesting story. The incidences after that has led to birth to new concepts in mathematics and many innovations which work on the same principle till modern day. The short video tells us about Archimedes and his Eureka Moment which later made him the "Father of Mathematics". Archimedes found the density of golden crown to check the purity of the gold by sitting in a bathtub it let to the invention of density and volume.