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When hard work and talent meet in an individual, it becomes a genius act, that goes on to spur the person to greatness. From the Jackson 5 group to being the best selling artiste of all time, Michael Jackson will forever be remembered, in the hearts of music lovers for his electric vibes.

Today, we’ll be talking about Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer, who began his music career with his brothers, in a group known as ‘The Jackson 5.’ Michael was born to Katherine Jackson (nee Scruse), a pianist, and Joseph Jackson, a crane operator, at the U.S. Steel. He is the eighth child, with three sisters and eight brothers. It was obvious from a young age to people, who witnessed his sonorous voice, that he was an extraordinary child, and with the help of his father, Michael started honing his singing skills early.

Michael faced serious struggles while growing up. Michael Jackson suffered abuse from his biological father, and some people which led him to find comfort in music. According to the story, he was tagged as “big nose”, which hurt him psychologically as a young child. He was also flogged and chemically castrated, by his father to ensure his voice remain the same.

Many famous people struggled with self-esteem issues for years, before they were able to get over it.

He began to make waves at a talent show, where he was a lead singer in their band, they won the show and Michael was singled out by music critics. MJ and brothers spent a huge amount of time rehearsing, and polishing their performance. They performed at local gigs and managed to build a little fan-base. Their first single “Big Boy” with the B-Side managed, to generate meaningful interest from music lovers.

The u-reka moment was when Jackson 5 band was signed by Motown Records, where they released their first album “Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5”, which instantly became a hit and success. They would later go on to record more success, until MJ finally broke free even though he had been trying to carve his solo career. Michael Jackson will forever be remembered for his groundbreaking, album “Thriller” that came out after his successful “Off the wall” album. The album stayed at No. 1 on the chart for 80 weeks, and held on to the number spot for 37 weeks. The album would later garner 12 Grammy Awards nominations, and won a record 8 due to the diversity of music works done by MJ. Other albums that followed was Bad, Dangerous, History: Past, Present, and the Future, Book 1 also performed very well in sales.

He later went on to release some evergreen singles, such as “We are the world” a charity music, that was used to raise money for Africa, and “Heal the world that is still played by many to date. He won lots of awards including Grammys, was included in several Halls of fame, and also Guinness Book of Record awards. Michael Jackson will forever be remembered for his electric dance moves, known as “Break Dance” and the moonwalk. Michael Jackson’s status in the music industry has been cemented, in the rolling stone as the best selling artiste of all time.

Although Michael Jackson is late, but his achievement is a challenge, that is unlikely to be matched any time soon. His name is still living up to greatness to the extent, that he has been certified, as the best selling dead artiste of the decade, with over sixty million dollars record sales.


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